One of the most common questions that JB gets is “How do I get things working?” This article explores how to get it going and how to keep it going to make the changes you need to make in your life.

Consistency in Life

The short answer is develop some consistency. Focus on your vision every day, take action every day, and keep going! Focus, Act, Repeat. It sounds simple, but there’s an extra piece – the secret sauce – that you need to add into the basic recipe. Bread won’t rise with out yeast, and action is wasted without… We’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Clarity of Vision

The first step is to get Clear. This is the foundation work that JB teaches in Sacred Six and in his Sacred Six Course

We have to develop a clear vision of what we want. It’s okay to start with something very vague, like “I want to earn a better income.”

But then, we have to keep working on refining that goal, by asking questions and looking for answers. What skills do I have, what other work could I do, what do I like to do, what value do I bring? We have to totally understand our unique qualities, skills, likes, and dislikes – our value.

We have to be willing to work at developing deeper clarity about our own potential by following our inspiration, to research ideas and take the time to investigate possibilities.

While we investigate possibilities, we continue hold the original vision until we develop a deeper level of clarity, and make a choice about our next direction.

Stay Motivated – Find Your Why

The next step is to stay motivated. We achieve success with daily effort. But we’re going to hit resistance. Roadblocks, detours, the drudgery of working at it. In order to keep going, we have to have a Why.

For example, JB’s vision for MorningCoach has recently deepened and clarified. He’s focusing more on mastermind groups, with a new website called JBMasterminds .

MorningCoach is a simple, daily, mastermind that we do via the MorningCoach podcast and with our community on the MorningCoach website .

ILD is a higher level Mastermind, with an event included in the Membership . Everyone in ILD needs to plan to come to the annual event if they can, because that’s where the magic happens… when we make live, face-to-face connections with other human beings.

Round Table and Inner Circle are higher level masterminds with more live events. Hosting and organizing events can be very expensive to do. So, JB is inspired to purchase a building that he can use as a retreat center. He’s found his WHY to keep him motivated to do the work necessary to take MorningCoach and JB Masterminds to a whole new level.

Stay Motivated – Remember the Pain Point

Usually, we want something different because we don’t like our current circumstances. This is the Pain Point. If we’re overweight and having health issues because of it, that’s our pain point. We remember that if we eat that donut, it’s going to be difficult to lose the weight, and we might gain even more weight.

If we want to build a new career, it’s going to be tough. We may have to work full time and study in the evenings. Our progress towards the new career is going to be slow. So we need to remember how much we dislike our current career, or how we’re limited by our current income. We make friends with the pain point, and use it as the motivation to get us past the resistance that we encounter.

Hold the Vision

The third step is holding the vision. This is a twice a day exercise.

First thing in the morning we need to take some time to envision our dream. What is our vision? How will it feel when we get there? What will our life look like? We take time to envision that in as much detail as we can.

In the evening as we go to bed, we want to hold the vision again. We start by encouraging ourselves by “stacking the wins”. We think about all the things that we DID accomplish during the day. Be sure to include any progress that we’ve made that day towards our goal… Even if it’s just “I read a chapter of that book,” or “I did my vision exercise this morning.

Then we hold our vision in our mind as much as possible. We want to focus on what we DO want and how that will feel. We push aside all thoughts of discouragement, fear, doubt, or stress. This is our time to look forward to what we want to create. This programs our subconscious mind as we fall asleep, and we will start to activate the Law of Attraction in our favor.

Take Action Ever Day

Now we must take daily action. JB teaches making 1% progress a day. The duration of action is less important than the consistency of the action. We must take some action every day.

Again, this activates the Law of Attraction. We get what we think about. And if we are taking action towards a goal, we are thinking about what we want.

Our Formal Education system is an obvious example of the power of daily action. Children all over the world are required to attend school everyday. Learning to read, write, and do mathematics are such vital skills that we require children by law to get this education. We know that we can’t wave a magic wand, the children have to make daily effort to acquire ability to read, add, subtract, or write.

JB is starting a new YouTube Channel. He’s documenting the work involved in building his mastermind groups. How long will it take? It doesn’t matter. The important part is to do the work every day, and celebrate the wins!

When Do We Quit?

We all experience resistance. That’s normal. As long as you understand your mission and where you are going, you should work through the resistance. Buckle down. Do the work. Sometimes an extraordinary effort is needed.

However, sometimes events start to happen that feels like your trying to paddle upstream against a strong current. This may be the Universal Mind trying to guide you onto the Path of Least Resistance.

There is a different path to where you want to go, and it may time to look for a new direction. It’s usually very obvious that more hard work won’t solve the problem. You may have to let go of a cherished dream for a while, and do something different. This can be really confusing, but sometimes we need to take a different path or a detour to reach our final destination.

Become a Finisher

Next, we have to remember the power of focus. Do one thing. Finish one thing. Become a finisher. Give your new project a minimum of a year. Visualize every day. Work on it every day. Immerse yourself in your project if you can, and if you can’t do that, then develop patient persistence. Little by little, you will reach your destination. Create a habit of finishing, and you will create a habit of succeeding.

The Missing Ingredient… Belief

All the hard work in the world will not over come belief. If you believe that something is not possible for you, you’ll be right. If you believe that it is possible, you’ll be right. What you BELIEVE about yourself controls the outcome.

Don’t compare yourself to others. The problem is that we only see other people’s outsides. We can’t see their inner doubts, fears, and personal challenges. We all have challenges, and we all have negatives and positives. Be careful that you don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

To strengthen our belief in ourselves, we need the support of like minded, positive people.
People who are working on similar goals, who have similar challenges, who have similar beliefs.

Joining a mastermind group is a great way to do this. Often our mastermind members see us differently than we see ourselves. They can see our potential much more clearly than we can, and we need to hear their encouragement on a regular basis. We also need to give back encouragement to our mastermind friends. The more we give encouragement, positivity, and hope to others, the better we feel about ourselves.

All In This Together

We’re just like you. We have the same issues. The same frustrations. We’re all in this together. How do you stick with it? Have a clear vision, focus on your vision, do the daily work, push yourself, work on a believing mindset, and get the group support.

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