We had a great discussion from our Inner Circle Meeting in August about How To Stick With A Goal, which we then recorded for that day’s podcast.
We had a lot of fun talking about maintaining our TRAJECTORY!
If you missed that one, here’s the link to Episode 3243 .

Really quickly, here are the ideas from each of the Inner Circle Members:

Stacey M

Find someone to be your tribe.
They should have a a similar goal.
It’s important to have people alongside you for support


Find a tribe.
Think about the goal everyday, and also about the “why”… how is reaching that goal going to improve your life?
Think about 6 things I can do today to stay on that trajectory.

Lori W

Stay in the game – Persevere
If you quit, you will never make it.
Have a vision board. (The Why)
Stay with the people who support you.
Do things to support yourself.

Shawn M

Stay focused on the goal.
Get Clarity… Find the goal, find the trajectory.
He wants something more… so he Found JB and Joined InnerCircle.
Make a change.


Make a weekly schedule
Stick with it.
Just Start Doing it.


Write it Down
Articulate it in Detail
Fit it into the daily routine
Put a date on it.


Goals go with life.
Go for what YOU really want.
It’s okay if you want to sleep in.


The word “Trajectory” reminds me of how rockets navigate to the moon!
They have a trajectory programed in, but they’re only “on course” for a small percentage of the journey.
At set intervals, the navigation system checks the location, and will make a “course correction”.
It’s only after many, many “course corrections” that the rocket reaches it’s destination.

What a wonderful metaphor for our Journey to Success!

Have a wonderful rest of your day, and don’t forget to take some time everyday to check your trajectory and make a “course correction”!

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