So, what is holistic health? What does it mean to have a holistic lifestyle. Join me (JB Glossinger) on today’s show as we address what a holistic lifestyle is really about.

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holistic health

Episode 2909 Body Mind Spirit Emotion

[00:00:07] Good morning and welcome to Morning Coach today. I am so glad you’re with us. As you know, my name is J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me this week. We’ve got another great week planned. We are coming out at the end of September, getting ready to go into October, which means we’ve got our next course starting next week which is M/M: Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals. Look for your e-mail on the access information. It is going to be a good one, and it is going to be life changing. Excited about that.

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Holistic Health: What is it?

[00:01:13] So, let’s get into the day’s show. We’ve got a big week and day planned. We’re going to be talking about holistic health, a new approach to life. And today, we’re going to get into body, mind, and spirit, and emotions, and talk a little bit about what those are as we go forward in this concept of holistic health and what it means. And really, when we think about holistic health, we need to think about it as an approach to life. So, rather than focusing on an illness or as a specific part of the body, what we’re doing is, we’re approaching it as a whole person and how we interact with the environment, how we, you know, connect to the body, mind, spirit, emotions, and how that all plays out. And it’s such an important part of life, is living that way.

[00:02:03] And like I said, I’ve got a big week planned. Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about garbage in/garbage out. On Wednesday, our Metaphysical Day, we’re going to talk about the spirit and mind connection. On Thursday, we’re going to ask the question “is stress bad?” and we’re going to go through that a little bit. Friday, our Abundance Day, always a big one, we are going to go over money and a holistic life and where that comes in. Saturday, our Systems Day, holistic life systems. And then Sunday, our time, you know, our spirituality time, we’re going to talk about finding time for spirituality.

[00:02:33] So, really understanding this idea of holistic health is really understanding that it is a lifestyle, that is this idea that we’re going to create this, this homeostasis kind of life where everything is working and everything is working for us. And, you know, at Morning Coach, we have a lot of topics, and it helps us and hurts us. In a marketing way, it hurts us, because you like to be known for one thing and, you know, people come to you, and the more niched you are, you, your, you know, the better off you are. But here at Morning Coach, we have to encompass the whole aspects of life. So, you know, we have a lot of shows to do. We’re at 2,909, and, you know, we’ve got 2000, 3000, 4000 more to go, so we’re going to bring a lot of content.

Holistic Health and Your Life

[00:03:21] But when we talk about the holistic life, the problem- and holistic health- the problem that I have in teaching it is, it incorporates all areas of life. I mean, everything from your environment to your spirituality to your emotional state to your physical health to your relationships to your job, your career, your education, everything is a part of you and the way that you live holistically. Another idea that we want to get to, is get to a place where we understand that, and we are getting our body where it needs to be. We’re getting our mind where it needs to be. We’re getting our spirit where it needs to be, and we’re getting our emotions where they need to be, and everything else. And we start to work on those areas of life that we need work on.

[00:04:07] You know, a couple of years ago, I did a Morning Coach Life Wheel, and we’re gonna incorporate that again. I’ll get that going. We used to check it every quarter. And basically, what we’d do with the Life Wheel is, we would look to see what areas of life that you needed to work on, and we would do just kind of an arbitrary number, 1 through 10. You know, how do you feel about your relationship this quarter? How do you feel about your financial ability this quarter? How do you feel about contribution this quarter?

And we just kind of want to know how we are feeling in each area of our life. Because then what we do is, then we work on either the positive aspects and take a 9 to 10, or we would take something that needs a little bit of work and start working on that, something that’s like a 2 or 3 and try to bring that up a little bit. And, in a holistic approach to life that’s what we want to do. We want to find balance in all areas of life instead of having one area over-ceding another one.

Holistic Health and the Mind/Body Balance

[00:04:58] And we see that a lot in the corporate world and career, that we see a lot of the career taking over life and creating health issues. Sometimes, when I mean health issues, even psychological issues that can cause some problems in the way that we connect with others, right, in the way that we connect emotionally, and we connect it overall in our life. Those are, those are problems, too. So, when we focus solely on career, like we put all our energy in career and manifesting money, sometimes that causes issues in other areas of our life which takes us away from our holistic health. And again, like I said, that’s body, mind, spirit, emotions, everything included.

[00:05:38] So, what we’ve got to do is, we’ve got to realize that it all matters at some point. Since every part of our life matters. And I think when we start to recognize that, we start to respect that. We have gratitude for our life. And then we can start operating with each part of it, being more aware, being more mindful, which is our big topic for the month, and we’re going to be bring it into the next month. Then, you know, as we do this, the more that we become mindful, the more holistic we can become, and the more, as we become more holistic and things get better, we become more whole which allows us to have this approach to life.

Living the Holistic Health Lifestyle

[00:06:14] So, again, the idea today, as we get into this, is that the holistic approach to life, holistic health approach to life, is not only an approach to life, but it is a lifestyle. So, and as I say, it’s an approach to life. I’m going to tell you that it’s a lifestyle, meaning it is a way of life. And so, when I talk about body, mind, spirit, and emotions, you know, encompassing those areas, that means we need to work on those areas a little bit as a lifestyle, not as a goal, not as something that we need to get better, but it’s just our life.

So, exercising and moving is part of our life. Eating properly, sacred eating, understand what we’re eating is part of our life. You know, taking time for the mental health aspects of it is a part of our life. Taking time for the spiritual aspects of it is a part of life. Taking time to care about our emotions, understand our emotions, is a part of life. That’s, that’s what you are constantly working on now. By coming to Morning Coach, you’re doing it. You’re getting it every day.

[00:07:17] So, you’re getting a holistic approach because that’s what we do here at Morning Coach. But you’ve, you have got to just commit to that lifestyle, like, “I’m going to have a holistic approach in my life now.” It doesn’t mean that you have to be so anal about all these different areas of life that you’ve got to check, and you’ve got to figure it out. You know, I talking to Jacob Cathy. He’s a high school teacher and a baseball coach. Great guy. Has been in our group coaching, and just awesome, awesome person, and brings a lot of energy to the world, you know, young. He’s really focusing on, you know, his next steps.

Holistic Health and Personal Development

And one of the things he said, and I liked this, he said, “You know, sometimes when you get so far in a person’s development, you know, you just feel like you’re not doing anything. Like, you’re not getting ahead.” And actually, sometimes when you get in person development, you beat yourself up because you’re not doing everything you need to be doing. And we got to give ourselves a break. That’s part of it, too.

[00:08:07] So, when I talk about a holistic approach to life, means that we don’t want so much, we don’t push so hard. We just focus on 1% improvement. And we just take life, and we surrender to life, the way that it comes to us. Right? And we just get better every day, and we work on our manifestation. We work on our, our positivity. We work on, you know, going after things. But we don’t get so caught up in it that we compare ourselves to other, that we, others, or we get frustrated by things not working the way they should. We just allow life to be and recognize it as an experience for what it is. You know, that’s kind of the thing.

[00:08:43] Yesterday I had an experience. We’ve got a house here in South Florida, and you can hire people to come and do things. It’s cool, you know. We do, we have the gardener that comes in. We have a lot of people that do things around the house. But one of things that I wanted to do was clean the gutters. Right?

So, it’s something that, it’s, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world. It’s probably not something most people want to do. Get a ladder up there, and clean out the leaves, and clean out the gutters. But I do it, you know? And I do it because it’s part of life, and it’s just another experience. And it’s just something that I’m going through, and, you know, you just get through it. You just go through it. Sometimes you get to pick up the shovel and do the work; that’s part of it.

[00:09:24] Karen Linden, who’s, who’s unbelievable. Most noteworthy, Karen has totally changed her health. She’s got this holistic approach on it. So, she was just doing a triathlon yesterday, which was just awesome. And again, just getting into it, and doing it. The last time she did it, she couldn’t finish it. Now, she’s just unbelievably doing some amazing things out there, and we love her for that. And if you get a chance, go up in the Morning Coach Facebook group. You can see what she’s up to. And there’s so many wonderful people here at Morning Coach doing so many awesome things, that we need to connect.

Holistic Health and the Importance of Having Fun

[00:09:54] But, what I’m trying to make a point of here is that we don’t get so focused in on, on the personal development that we forget to slow down and just enjoy this process. So, as I go through this, and I say, “Make this part of your life. Make this your lifestyle.” I need you to slow down. Enjoy this process because it actually can get to a point where we get so involved in it, that we kill our motivation and productivity. And I don’t want to do that. I want you to have that balance where you have the energy every day and you want to do it.

As we get into M/M: Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals, when I launch a course, one of the main aspects of the course is motivation. Like, being motivated to do it. Being motivated to, to, you know, do, do, pick, do meditation every day. Because what happens is, if you don’t see immediate results and it gets a little challenging and you start struggling with it, you quit. And you lose the motivation, and it becomes like work. Consequently, when things become like work, they kind of lose the fun of it.

[00:10:58] So, what I’m trying to do is to get you away from work and making this life that you’re living fun. In fact, taking that aspect of work out of your vocabulary, and turning it into play. You know, I was very fortunate to meet Frank Oz. And, if you don’t know who Frank Oz is, Frank Oz is…was Miss Piggy, and he was Yoda in Star Wars and really awesome, awesome characters. Jim Hensen’s best friend from the Muppets, was in the Muppets, and, you know, all those, you know, cartoon, Sesame Street, Star Wars, you know, all the puppeteering. Frank Oz was big, and he directed a bunch, a bunch of movies.

I actually became good friends with Frank’s wife. As a result, she introduced me to Frank;I came to be good friends with both of them. What was cool about Frank is, I talked to him about his career, and his life with Jim Henson, and how they built everything that they did. And one of the big things that they did was, they did everything to play.

So, when they did Sesame Street, they didn’t do it for kids. They were just playing it. There was no intention. There was no demographics to, to, you know, kind of fit into, like, “We’ve got to make sure this movie fits this particular group of people.” No, they just had fun. They just played. So, whenever you see the Muppets or you’d see him doing Yoda or any of the creative things that he was doing, Miss Piggy or- I think he was Bert- Bert and Ernie, they were playing the whole time. And I love that.MostThe Holistic Health Approach to Life

[00:12:24] So, part of the holistic approach to everything we’re doing, this body, mind, spirit, emotional approach, means we need to play a little bit. We need to have some fun. And don’t get so caught up in personal development and self-help so much that it becomes a job. That it becomes a chore. And what happens is, you don’t feel like things are going the direction they’re going. No. You got to, you’ve got to just enjoy this process and recognize that it is about the experience.

And so, we do want to find some balance, some homeostasis across things, meaning that our body we’re working on, our mind we’re working on, our spirit we’re working on, we’re working on our emotions, but we don’t want to get so caught up in it that it becomes work, that it isn’t fun anymore, and that we, we just, life becomes a grind. Yet, life doesn’t need to be a grind. It can be fun. It can be awesome. And it can be an experience, but we’ve got to work on our awareness and our mindfulness so that we don’t get caught up in the minutia that holds us back. OK?

[00:13:25] So, how does this affect motivation and productivity? Well, it’s huge. It’s huge. If you get so much into the grind in a particular area of life and you aren’t living in a holistic lifestyle, you, something’s going to suffer. Something’s going to suffer. And there’s that, that kind of train of thought that, “You know what? You know, we’ve got to grind it out sometimes.” And, you know, I will agree to that.

There are certain times that even I grind it out. But the truth is, we’ve got to get out of that as soon as possible and make sure that we’re balancing everything out, that we are in the moment, and that we are connected, and we are learning, and we are doing the things that we need to do, holistically, day in and day out. And that means that we’re working a little bit on all areas and not just particularly hammering a certain one away. OK?

[00:14:11] So, I want you to focus on that today. I want you to focus on, you know, really looking at your area and saying, “Hey, am I being holistic with my life? Am I working all areas?” OK? So, I love you. I do. Let’s get out there and make it a great day.

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[00:15:28] And I appreciate you being here. I mean, we’re having so much fun. Things are going great, and it’s only because of you. So, let’s keep that holistic approach to life. And if you need anything, give me a shout, as always Twitter@morningcoach, or @morningcoach, or you know where to get me, LinkedIn, you know where to get me, it’s all @morningcoach. So, anything you need, let me know. And I’ll keep bringing it right here at So, get out there, have a great day. Let’s keep the energy going.

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