Single Digit Golf Challenge At 50

I started golfing 6 years ago and it has been an awesome journey. I had gotten my handicap down to a 12 but then started playing bad. I left the club I was a member off and took a year off. It has been one year since I got back into the game.

I am now loving it again, but I am also dedicated to getting good. What does getting good mean? It means getting to a single digit handicap. This means you have to have minimal mistakes when you play. It also means a lot of practice since I did not playing growing up. In fact they say that if you started playing after thirty-five it is impossible to get to a 0 handicap or scratch.

As part of my Sacred 6 I wanted to create some accountability to show my progress here on the blog and on Youtube. I will be tracking some of my progress and golf ideas here. If you would like to get specific updates on just the golf progress you can sign up on this blog below.

My current handicap is a 12.7 but I am trending to a 14.4. I have had a few bad days as I am switching my swing from an inconsistent fade to more of a draw swing. It is going to get worse before it gets better. For tracking my game I am keeping it on the Accros system and also my handicap is being stored in the GIN system.

My current clubs are as follows:

Irons 4-Gap are Mizuno Forged 919 with Oban CT 100 shafts

Wedges are 56 and 60 degree and are Mizuno T-7

Drive is a Calloway Big Bertha Alpha with a Raijin shaft

3 Wood is a Calloway Rogue with a Raijin shaft

Hybrid is a 20 degree Calloway Big Bertha Alpha with an Oban Revenge shaft

Putter is a Scotty Cameron Futura 7

I play the Srixon Z-Star XV ball

My home club is Parkland Golf and Country Club – this is also where I do the majority of my events. I also play at the club in Ibague, Colombia when I am down south.

If you like to get more updates, just sign up below and I will fill you in with reviews of courses, clubs, etc… and also the journey to becoming a single digit player.

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Sign up below and If you would like to get updates on the Golf Single Digit Challenge.

Thanks for taking the time to be a part of the awesome energy that we are putting out together.


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