Wednesday is the day that we go deep into metaphysical ideas. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss one of the best ones, and that is “Health is Wealth.” We have some tips on creating more of everything you want in your life by getting your mental and physical health to peak states. It is time to get back on a health kick!

JB’s Story

Years ago, JB left his job in the Aerospace industry. He was deeply unhappy with his career and lifestyle and struggling with finding a new direction. He subsequently went broke. It was a very challenging time.

JB let his health go. He didn’t eat right, he stopped working out. He lost weight from the stress of his financial challenges. But he got through those hard times and health challenges because of his daily MorningCoach CoachCast. He started taking is own advice.

Discovering Martial Arts Training

One of JB’s friends recommended that he try martial arts, and after some experimentation, he discovered Mike Lee Kanarek’s gym. “Sir” is a former Israeli commando out of the special forces who teaches fitness and self defense. JB began his journey back to health on the martial arts mat.

Everything started to change once he started to take care of himself. Walking through that door changed was the start of a huge transition for JB. Taking care of himself, focusing on health and getting in shape is what changed everything.

Be in the Best Health Possible!

Taking care of our health is the foundation of success. It doesn’t matter what level we’re at… MorningCoach, ILD, Round Table, or Inner Circle… First we have to take steps to maximize our health!

Wealth follows Health. Metaphysically (Mentally) and Physically, we have more energy and vitality when we are at peak health. We feel good, and we have energy and enthusiasm for life. When we are healthy, we can be more creative, productive, and solve problems more easily.

It’s Time to Prioritize Our Health!

We all backslide sometimes, and our health suffers. We all go through periods where we lose focus on the importance of our health. Health care is often the first thing we give up when we get busy. It takes time to prepare healthy meals. It takes time to go exercise.

First, we make our health a priority. Second, we set up a morning routine. And, oddly enough, a successful morning routine starts the night before! We have to go to bed “on time” and get a good night’s sleep. We have to learn how to sleep better, and get prepared to go to bed. It’s important to have an evening routine that helps us relax and wind down and prepare for sleep.

Sleep is When We Heal

When we are sleeping all kinds of healing takes place automatically. As we sleep, healing takes place on multiple levels: body, mind, and soul. Sleep is very good for you. How much sleep you need is a very personal thing. Some people only need five or six hours a sleep a night, some people need 10. But if you’re not a peak health, if you’re not achieving your goals, start with adjusting your bedtime routine and sleep hygiene.

Break Your Fast with Good Nutrition!

Lemon water is a great way to start the day, followed by some light exercise. Breakfast should be healthy and nutrient rich. JB likes a smoothie because it’s easy to make, easy to digest, and starts his day off with some good nutrition.

Morning is the Time to Get Clear!

It’s important to take care of your mental health first thing in the morning. Listen to MorningCoach to get your day started right, that’s why we’re here! Read or study something motivational.

Understand your Hormones

Talk to your health care practitioner, and find healthy ways to bring your hormones into a better balance. Make sure to get your blood tested regularly, and research the supplements and foods that can help you keep your hormones in balance. Knowledge is power, so test regularly so that you know why you might not be feeling your best.

Physical Training Includes both Resistance and Cardio

It’s important to add physical training into your daily routine. Gentle exercise like walking and stretching (yoga) are a great place to start if you are really struggling with poor health.

As you get stronger, add Resistance and Cardio training to your weekly routine. Resistance training is done with resistance bands or weights. Cardio training gets your heart rate up. JB does cardio training two to days a week, and the other days works out at the Gym.

Train for Something

To stay motivated, train for something. Set a goal, and then work to achieve it. When we publicly commit to participating in an event, like a 5k walk or run, we are more likely to stay on track. Train for something, because it will get you up and keep you moving.

Perpetual Health Kick

The bottom line is that we need to be in a perpetual health kick. Human beings evolved to walk, run, and hunt over long distances. Our bodies crave exercise and fitness. If you don’t feel your absolute best, it’s time to put your physical fitness at the top of your priorities list.

Being in your best health, will help you to achieve success in every other area of your life because you will have the energy, stamina, and enthusiasm to live life to it’s fullest!

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