Getting Organized To Get Things Done For The New Year

This week we continue rocking the plan as we discuss tools and resources to get us ready for the new year. If you have not read up on the Sacred 6, 14-week plan click here to read the last post and catch up!

It is all about the tools this week and in the Sacred 6 book, I talk about the 5 main tools you are going to need to keep up with your daily Sacred 6. Before I get into those, let me catch you up on my progress.

I played golf last week 5 times and also had a lesson. As you know my goals is to get to a single digit handicap. I shot 98, 91, 82, 91, 97.  Started the week bad got better and then ended badly again. Parts of the ups and downs of trying to figure the game out. I will take the 82 all day long. That is almost single digits.

If you haven’t golfed before, a single digit score would be between 72-82 and that is the target I am shooting for consistently. This week the focus is off the tee where I am having issues and putting. I am reading a few books and just put the Arccos system in play. I will do a separate video and blog on this in the future.

My other areas of consistency are rocking, I have had no casual drinking since last weekend so it puts me at 8 days, and I have been studying my Spanish weekly. Health has been fantastic, I’m staying on plan, and business and life are moving better than can be expected. A lot of this has to do with the keystone habit of staying consistent with basic personal development and health ideas.

Five Tools to Stay Organized:

On to the tools! The five tools that we need to stay organized and on track are the to-do list, notes, calendar, journal and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager.) I will go over each of them here, and you can watch the video above for more.

To-do list

The to-do list is a place for you to keep the things that need to get done.  As you get your Sacred 6 plan together,  you’ll use this to track the daily things you need to get done. You can use various tools for this.  From a simple notebook to a Sacred 6 journal, or even electronic as I do with a pdf on the Onyx Book Max 2. The key is to have one place you are keeping the things you need to get done.

I keep my main Sacred 6 daily tasks in one area, and future things as a misc to get done so I don’t get overwhelmed with things to do.


Keeping notes organized is very important. So many people spend needless hours looking for phone numbers, ideas, etc… because they don’t keep their notes organized. This can be a Google Doc, a Word Document, or you can use a device like I do the Remarkable tablet, but the key is to keep them all in one place, not on note cards or post-it notes. Keep one system in place.


I am an Apple user, but one instance when I will use Google products is with their calendar. I just like Google for this better, but the bottom line you need a calendar where you keep timed appointments. Do not put to-do’s on your calendar, this should only be for timed appointments.


There are a few reasons to keep a journal as you will learn from me. One of the main ones is relativity of time, but that is for another post and teaching. The idea though is to make sure you have a place to anchor thoughts and write out what is going on with you. I keep separate journals for my main goals like golf and Spanish. Depending on what you are working on you may have a few.

This can be done on paper or electronically. I personally use the Remarkable tablet, but there are many awesome software and physical products to help you with this.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

The CRM is forgotten for most people but is one of the most important tools. This is where you are going to keep all the contact information of family, friends, clients, etc… You need a place to remember birthdays, etc… Facebook does work pretty good for this, but if you don’t use Facebook, it is good to have another place.

Also, there is nothing worse than not being able to find an email or phone number when you need it. The two systems I use are Active Campaign for business and Apple Contacts for personal. It is ok to have the separation between business and life here as you may need a few systems. Apple really shines here with the iPhone, Mac, iPad connection and contacts.

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