What we focus on expands. What we think about manifests as our reality. We must pay attention to how we spend our time, our positivity, and the relationships we have.

Beware of the information that is coming to you via the internet, the television broadcasts, and music. Don’t let social site algorithms control what information is coming into your life. It may be necessary to take a break from negative information sources.


We get more in our life of what we focus on. Step back from your current life and analyze why you do and think the way you currently do. Question what things may need to change to create the life you want.



The ILD lifestyle helps people break out of the system. We need to learn to focus on making the positive lifestyle changes that will create freedom for ourselves and our family.


Changing your life will take time. You need to clarify a path and direction. Then there is continuous work towards building that path. You also have to have a confidence in what you do to keep continuing down that path.



Today, notice your focus and try focusing on harmony. 

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