A lot of living in joy comes from your level of consciousness and awareness. Living in joy also adds energy to our lives.

Shift Of Perspective

When living by ILD concepts we shift our goals from those of money to those of experiences and freedom. The objective of ILD is to have the accumulation of experiences and total freedom.

Do We Need Money?

We can’t completely neglect earning money because we need to live off it. But when we make the shift outside of ‘The System’ we realize that money isn’t what brings joy to our lives. Yes, there is enjoyment in accumulating things but it isn’t the be all, end all for obtaining real joy.
You can’t buy joy and happiness.

Four Levels of Consciousness

The Escape = this takes us away from joy because we are leaving the awareness of our lives that we don’t feel happy with. Escape can come through alcohol, drugs, movies, books, sports, etc. Sometimes this can be refreshing but often it becomes over used and harmful. We want to enjoy our lives and be here in the now.

Daily Minutia = when we get wrapped up in our daily events. You are unconsciously going through the motions.

Living In Psychological Time = When we are mentally living in the future or the past. Avoiding the present life we are actually living. Worrying about or wishing for things to be different.

The Observer = This is where true joy is. You can’t be in this level when you are absorbed in any other level. This is a spiritual state when you are connected to The All, using the Law of Attraction, stepping out of the noise, and we are connecting to something deeper. In this level you are fully aware of the life you are living and make conscious choices about how you live it. This is the seat of joy.

To live in the observer level you need to manage this consciousness daily. In the morning make the mental shift into awareness of your life and how to live it purposefully. Then decided what you’re going to build. Then focus on the techniques that will allow you to obtain this lifestyle of freedom. Allow your heart to lead and not your ego.

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