Is there a time when you can feel too good? What happens when the Ego says “slow down” and you start to falter on the things you are going after? In today’s article, we discuss what happens when you feel too good and you backslide on your dreams.

Can you feel too good?

On our WhatsApp group we had a great discussion about when we start feeling too good, we can start to backslide. What does it mean to feel “too good”? Can you feel “too good”?

Yes, you can. You start to feel great. Things are going really well. And then, we start thinking, “I could have just one drink,” or “I could stop making sales,” or “I can stop working so hard.” “I can take a breather.”

We take our foot off the gas pedal

It’s easy to become complacent. We all do it! Maybe we’ve had some success losing weight. We’ll walk into the grocery store, and think “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a donut… I deserve a donut!”

Then, we do the same thing the next day. We have a sudden urgent need to go to the grocery store, and oh, by the way there’s those donuts again. Before you know it, it’s donuts every day and the weight has all come back plus more.

Or we can be in a Holding Pattern

Or, if we’re lucky, we can get stuck in a holding pattern. Our income, weight, career, gets to a particular level of success. And we relax and become complacent and start to lose our focus on our ultimate goal.

We get used to that level of prosperity, shirt size, or career and we just get stuck there. It’s so good, so comfortable, that it’s a bit scary to take any risks to try to achieve more. That’s how most people get stuck in dead-end jobs. We think “Better the Devil I know…”.

Why Do We Backslide to Negative Habits?

Why do we all have trouble with backsliding to negative habits? This is the Ego, distracting us from achieving our goals. The Ego all about Fear. It is afraid of change. It’s afraid of success. The Ego is afraid of your success. If you become too successful, then you won’t be afraid any more! That will never do!

The Ego tries to convince you to relax, to backslide, to give up, to be a victim, or that you deserve for others to do things for you. The more we listen to the Ego, the more afraid we will feel. That’s when the Ego is in charge.

Moments of Weakness

Often we have moments of weakness. This can happen when we’re feeling tired, down, or discouraged by a setback.

But the really scary part is how often we self-sabotage when we’re having some success. We’re feeling “too good” and we do things to take ourselves back to where we shouldn’t be. We set ourselves up for more “hard times.”

So finding a way to hold the vision during those moments of weakness is so important.

How To Keep Our Eyes on the Prize?

We have to learn to improve our focus. It’s important to spend some time every day envisioning our goal. Imagining it, seeing the details in our mind. We use our vision to help us remember our “Why”. Why do I want this goal? How will I feel when I get there?

We can also spend some time thinking the “What if I give up?” Keeping the negative consequences in mind can be even more powerful way to stay focused. I once heard someone say, “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a handcuffs problem.” Remembering the handcuffs helped this person to stay focused on sobriety.

Holding our Highest Vision

As we’ve studied the Master Key System, we’ve talked a lot about holding our highest vision for ourselves. Holding our highest potential in mind and being able to see it is critical. That’s the key to the Master Key. We have to be able to maintain that focus on our Vision.

How to Maintain our Focus

Since the Ego is trying to scare us and distract us, how can we maintain our Focus?

It’s vitally important to have the support of a group of like minded people. This is why people attend church. The support of the group is why twelve step programs work. This is why business people and new entrepreneurs find a mastermind group. It’s so much easier to succeed when you have the support of a group.

Holding the Vision of Success

One of the key reasons that masterminds work is belief. Our group members often believe in our success before we do. They can see us and our potential more clearly than we can see ourselves.

Group members can hold the vision for each other. In JB’s Mastermind Groups, JB also helps to hold the vision for each person in the group. We have four mastermind groups here at MorningCoach.

MorningCoach members are usually focusing on improving daily habits and positivity. ILD (Intelligent Life Design) Members are focusing on health, prosperity, and building a more fulfilling life. Round Table Members are “taking a leap of faith” and creating something new for themselves. Inner Circle Members have experienced some success and are building to the next level.

Climbing the Salmon Ladder

Each mastermind group from MorningCoach to Inner Circle acts somewhat like a salmon ladder. We work together to jump to the next level of success. But at each level, the function of the mastermind stays the same.

In the mastermind groups, we can help each other stay focused on our vision. Together, we have a power and a synergy that we do not have alone. Our group members provide inspiration and motivation. They encourage us when we’re feeling down, and they celebrate our successes.

We all need the support of others in order to be able to climb to our highest potential.

Learning To Turn Thoughts to Things

How do we turn our thoughts into things? This is what we’ve been studying in the Master Key System. We’re learning to attract the opportunities that we want with our mind.

We have to be able to hold on to our vision. We need great focus, and we need to be able to concentrate.

Protect Your Ears

JB watched a video by Gary Vanderchuck where Gary was talking to a 14 year old who was in a very negative family situation. Gary told him to “protect his ears.” Gary meant that we have to have positives going into our mind to counteract a negative environment.

We have to become very aware of the systems the we live in, and how often we are programmed to fail by negative news, people, and environments. We have to have positives going in all the time to protect our inner kingdom.

Positive Inside when Everything is Negative Outside

Gary told the teen, “You have to be positive on the inside when everything is negative outside.” This is obvious. Focusing that maintaining a positive outlook will help when everything around us is chaotic or challenging.

But, when things are going good, we start to shift and become complacent. The Ego starts to distract us and we start to backslide. Becoming aware of our habits and mental conversations is key.

Be Consistent

To avoid the backslide, we have to become consistent in our daily routine. Work to get mental systems and strategies in place; we want those habits and systems to be our routine during times of success as well as failure.

We don’t backslide, we want to be “On” mentally, stay motivated, and maintain forward momentum.

Be Aware

Just become aware of the sneaky ways that the Ego tries to distract you from your vision. It will become more obvious when you have a daily routine of envisioning your goal or goals first thing in the morning and right before bed.

Put habits and routines into place to maintain the forward momentum. Keep going, don’t slow down.

Quotas hold you back

Zig Ziglar had a story about training fleas . It’s about how we learn to accept an artificial limit. We stop trying to surpass that quota or limit.

It’s important to remember to keep going when we achieve some success. We want to become aware of our limiting habits that we fall into when we achieve some success. We want to notice our limiting habits that we use to self-sabotage.

Substitute Good Habits for Bad Habits

How do we avoid self sabotage? We start substituting good habits for the limiting habits. Reading instead of cruising the internet. Learning something new instead of doing the same old thing.

Remember that we do everything for pain or pleasure, and remember to associate massive pain with the limiting habit. Remember the hangover before we pick up that drink, remember the extra pounds before eating that dessert. Exercise when you’re wanting to backslide.

Talk to Others

Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. Everybody is facing some kind of challenge. That’s life. Don’t try to take things alone. You’ll be so much more successful when you share your challenges, fears, and failures with others. We’re all in this together, and we can encourage and motivate each other.

When You Backslide, Get Back to a Daily Routine

Here at MorningCoach, we learn to build a daily routine based on our mission and values. The only person that knows what works for you, is you. What do you need to do on a daily basis to create your vision.

Get Crystal Clear

Lots of people have “so many things” that they want to do. Most of those people are so distracted that they never accomplish anything. We have to get patient and work on ONE thing.

In order to be successful, we need to get crystal clear and focus on completing ONE thing. That success will open the door to other wonderful opportunities. But first, we have to focus on completing ONE thing.

Do the Work

Stay patient, be focused, and do the work. Learn to hold the vision of success through the difficult work part of creating your vision. Keep going, and build the momentum. Get the support around you, and hold the vision.

Remember, to turn your dream into a reality, take some time morning and night to hold the vision. Guard your inner kingdom. Do the work. Find a support group to help you stay on track. Before you know it, you’re going to achieve massive success,

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