One of the critical factors in your success is to have faith. Today’s post will discuss how to have more faith in You.

One of the common themes that we see in our mastermind group members is mindset. The way that we think about ourselves is crucial. Our limiting beliefs really do limit us and prevent us from reaching our goals. It’s vital that we learn to notice those beliefs, and replace them with new ones.

A Belief is a Thought That You Continue to Think

At our August Mastermind meetings for Round Table and Inner Circle, member Lee Kellog taught us a cool method of programming a new belief. We use little dot stickers, and place them on our computer, phone, and anything else that we look at frequently. Every time we see the dot, we silently say an affirmation that supports our new mindset and desired goals.

Affirmations should always be present tense. They should always be stated in the positive. “I am…” in stead of “I am not…”. This is because the subconscious mind always believes what it hears, but it doesn’t understand the negative.

“I can do this, it’s easy for me,” is a great foundational affirmation.

Mindset, Visualization, and Focus

Creating something new requires a new mindset, visualization of the desired outcome, and focus. We want to emotionally believe that our desire is already given. We have to have faith to step out and do things.

When we start out, we have to have faith in our ideas. It’s a given that we’re going to face a lot of rejection. Our belief in ourselves has to be strong so that we can keep going.

Things Are Always Working Out

“Things are always working out for me,” is another powerful affirmation that will strengthen our faith. We can get through the hard times, the hard work, the mistakes, and the rejection. Every negative experience is just a learning opportunity that will help us grow bigger and stronger. We can know that when we’re facing a challenge that it’s there for a reason. Maybe something bigger is on the way.

Sometimes, when we start implementing an idea, we don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. Faith can help us stay open to new directions, new people, new ideas, and amazing co-incidences.

What can I do to step out of my comfort zone?

Today, lets ask ourselves “What can I do to step out of my comfort zone?” If we have faith in a Higher Power, it allows us to let go of worry and start taking action. If we have faith in our ability to handle things as they come, then whatever comes is going to be just fine.

Just Start™

In our mastermind meetings, we talk a lot about the idea of Just Start.™ “I’m going to do that thing. If that doesn’t kill me, I’m going to do it again the next day!”

We know that making a cold call, or speaking to someone new isn’t going to kill us. So, we can laugh a little about our fears. When we bring a little humor to our challenge, we remember to have fun and relax.

It’s important to strengthen that attitude of willingness to take the first step. When we don’t “die” after taking that step, then we slowly build our faith in our ability to keep going. With practice, that challenge gets a easier and we become more comfortable.

Let’s make Just Start™ our affirmation when we feel stuck.

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