“ Changing your state with any substance needs to be done with caution. You just be in control and have the discipline with any state change to understand why you need it changed. If not this can lead to addiction and dependency. ” – JB Glossinger


We live in a very overstressed society. So, we do a lot of things having to deal with stress, or not feeling happy, or not feeling energetic. People will drink alcohol, take drugs, self medicate, or medicate. The problem with this, is it can lead addiction, it can lead to dependency, or it can lead to escapism. It can lead to using these substances to feel normal or to be able to make it through the day. At that point it is a problem. 

JB is not a doctor, he’s a coach, he doesn’t treat disease. Is there a place for psychological drugs or other pharmaceuticals? Of course there is. Eastern or western medicines? Of course there is. These are areas that you should go get medical advice. 
For those declared healthy by a medical professional, then we’ve got to be careful using things to change our state. 


With any substance from pharmaceuticals to caffeine, when we change our state the problem is addiction. It’s dependency on the escape that we expect from it. So, we have to be very cautious and utilize it properly. 
There are some benefits to alcohol. Drinking can lower cholesterol and help you relieve stress. There are some benefits to drinking, if you have a drink or two. 

Loss Of Control

The problem is the loss of control when you get to 4 drinks, 5 drinks, etc. You start to get into this level you start to experience of dehydration, inhibition, it starts to become a crutch. You start to feel like, if you don’t have a drink you can’t have fun. So, we have to be aware of using it for the means of relief. 

There are times where alcohol can help you relax a little or relieve stress, but if we start using it as a crutch then we need to be very cautious. 


With 12 ounces or about a shot being a drink for JB, if he goes past 3 drinks, he’s crossing a personal boundary. This goes back to discipline. If he gets to 3, then it’s time for water or soda water and a straw. 


JB likes to supplement drinking with others things. If he gets the urge to drink in a stressful situation he’ll drink a tea, bone broth, some other kind of drink. 

In fact, what he does now is he’s constantly drinking water. Water is great! It keeps you hydrated and keeps you going. 

If you can get into the habit of maybe once or twice a week only drinking 3 drinks. Or the one time you want to take the edge off. Then you could control it. 

Help For Addiction

How do you know your drinking is becoming a problem? You don’t feel good. You don’t have energy. You’re drinking more than three drinks at a time. You find yourself drinking every night to go to bed, or starting your day with a drink. 

You might need to get some help there. There is professional help. There are twelve step programs, education from books, or focusing on health and fitness. 

Find Balance

Find a balance, get yourself in a place where you’re feeling better, and working out. All of a sudden it will take away the need to drink or do anything else. Health is our number one thing in ILD and at MorningCoach. With out health we can’t do anything else. If you’re taking care of your then using goes the other direction. Because you know it will take away from your performance. 

Be Your Best

MorningCoach is here to help you become the best that you can be. You can’t be the best that you can be when you’re on some type of drug or drinking. You just can’t. It’s going slow you down. Take you out of the frame of mind. Not allow you to visualize and pull you a different direction. 

If you can stay within your 3 drinks and still accomplish the next day, then hey, you’re in a good spot there! JB finds most people have an issue with that. 

Change Habits

Drinking in excess or taking anything in excess is bad. In moderation it’s ok. Again, be under control and understand what you’re using it for. 

If you find yourself having to drink everyday or use a drug everyday, without prescription from a medical professional, you need to change that habit. You need to figure out how to get away from that substance, and get the support that you need. You need to get around other people. 

We’re creatures of habit, so we have to visualize creating a new, more positive habit. 

Power Of Thought

We know that the power and the clarity of the thought is allowing us to manifest the things we want to manifest. If we obscure that thought with too many foreign substances it’s going to make it harder to attract the things we want to attract. 

We Want To Help

If you are having problems with this you can email JB privately at JB@morningcoach.com or email to info@morningcoach.com. We’ll do our best to get you the resources, and point you in the right direction with any issues that you are having. Even some of the darker issues that you might be going through. Again, it is always best to talk to your medical professionals. 

But at some point, we are on our own, and we have to develop the ability to control our drinking (or other addictions) and make positive changes in our life. 

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