We all deal with disappointment in life, there are times we get betrayed by others, have our sports team lose, and have business lessons.

The key thing is to move through them as soon as possible.

Here are four steps for getting through disappointment:


1) Let it out = talk about it with someone you trust. An friend, advisor, coach, consultant, therapist, etc. Let the emotions out.


2) Get perspective = analyze why you’re disappointed. Look at what positive changes you can put in to practice to make things better. It may be the motivation you need to make a positive change. The way we think can change everything.


3) Practice acceptance = “It is what it is.” You are where you are and it’s ok cause from this point things can change. Accept it, recover and move forward.


4) Learn lessons = Use the disappointment as a springboard to success. Learn the lesson, so that you can avoid a similar disappointment in the future. Remember what this process was like to handle it better next time. 


When we can remember that disappointment is a a natural part of life, it can be easier to accept.   Most disappointments also bring a hidden gift with the lessons and new perspectives.   When we remember to apply the steps above we can benefit from every life experience… Even the Disappointments!

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