There are a few steps that can really help you set up your day. In today’s “Systems Saturdays” Article we discuss how to set up your day to win! We want to learn how to organize and become more efficient. This is one system that can change everything, and it is a great day to start the execution of a new system.

There’s So Much To Do!

Many of us have a lot on our plate! In order to make progress towards our goals, we have to slow down and get clear about we are looking to accomplish. That is the whole key! In order to prioritize, we have to become very clear about what we are going after.

What Are The Daily Wins?

“Daily wins through prioritization” means the things that you are consistently doing every day that are moving you towards your goals. If you want to learn how to speak Spanish, you have to study Spanish every day! When you want you want to create something, you have to make sure that you make time every day to work on that project.

What are we going to work on today?

First we have to review our mission. Then we have to decide what are the goals that will move us towards our mission! Then there are activities that will take us toward our goals. Those tasks are part of our daily Sacred 6. We have to prioritize what we can reasonably get done today to make some progress. That is the key!

What do you want to accomplish this Month?

Time is our most valuable resource! We need to make sure that we use it wisely. If we want to add a new activity to our schedule, we will probably have to give up a current one.  We use our mission and our goals to set realistic goals for the month, the week, and the day. It’s ok to set goals, and not reach them because we over estimated what we could accomplish. But as we practice with goal setting we want to develop the ability to become more and more realistic about how much progress we can make each day.

Realistic Expectations

It’s important to step back and create realistic expectations for what we can get done. We have to balance our regular duties and obligations, our health, and working on a new goals. We have to be kind to ourselves and be patient. It’s better to be happy with achieving one small task, than to worry about the 10 things that we put on our list, and then didn’t get to! Our daily task list is not a weapon that we beat ourselves up with! It’s simply a tool to help us stay focused. If we set reasonable expectations when we prioritize, then we will be able to get most of the things on today’s list done.

Prioritize in the AM

Take a few minutes every morning to review your mission and goals. Review yesterday’s wins and make a plan for today. Be realistic! Make a reasonable list of 5 or 6 thirty-minute tasks that you can easily accomplish. Then, as you accomplish them, celebrate each completed task as a Win! If you complete your whole task for the day, that’s an extra win! Make sure to take a few minutes to review your “Why”. Why are you going to work hard today? Why do you want to stay focused? What is your life going to look like when you achieve your goals? It’s important to stay focused on the big picture! When you have a lot of things going on, you have to step back and keep the big picture in your mind.

Then, get going!

Some people like to do the most difficult tasks first. That’s what Mark Twain called “Eating the frog.” . Other people like to knock out the quick and easy tasks first, in order to get some momentum going. It doesn’t really matter what order you do things, as long as you “Just Start™”.

Apply the 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes. That means that 80% of the results comes from 20% of the work. You have to constantly be analyzing your efforts, and eliminating the tasks that don’t produce results. You have to sharpen our focus, and be willing to change directions if some action or task doesn’t produce a result that we want. This can be difficult in the beginning of a project, because much of the effort that you make appears to have no results. This can be very frustrating. Sometimes, your efforts really don’t produce results! Sometimes, you just have to do the work, and trust that your efforts will produce results. At the beginning of a project there are going to be a lot of inefficiencies. So, your job is to learn to become more efficient. Take some time to analyze and measure your results, and then re-focus your energy on the tasks that produce the greatest effect.

How To Win through Prioritization

To recap, here are the steps to win through prioritizatioin: 1) Develop Clarity. Get totally clear on your objective and mission. 2) Know the “Why”. How is life going to be different when you succeed? 3) Create a monthly, weekly, daily task list. 4) Just Start™. Do the things you know that you need to do. 5) Apply the 80/20 rule, and constantly increase efficiency 6) Be Patient and keep going! Your Harvest is coming!

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