The Illusion


People often live in an illusion that their life has to be stressful and fast to be successful.  JB Glossinger has a book coming soon called “Beyond the Grand Illusion” that will talk more about this. To pierce the illusion we need to have an drastic change of lifestyle. 

Part of getting caught up in this illusion is brainwashing  Being mentally controlled by someone else makes it harder to break the illusion.

What is brainwashing?

Brainwashing is the manipulation of one’s emotions to coerce attachment to an idea.  This and creates a lack of logical awareness and depends entirely on emotions. When someone then has to defend their position, they get locked into it. Often the brainwashed don’t know the truth behind the information they have been given.

In our daily lives almost everything has an agenda behind it. We need to step back from the information we are given and analyze its truth value.

Can this be positive?

Remember, garbage in, garbage out. If it opens your mind to possibilities, to progress, and  to a different lifestyle, yes. If it is closing your mind to suffering, anger, and defensiveness, then no.

What do we do?

When faced with these situations, what do we do? Get your own info and facts on the subject in question. Always be aware where the information is coming from. When you find yourself getting overly emotional, question that. Do some fact checking. Don’t be fearful of opening your mind to consider all viewpoints.

Be aware. Your are powerful and have the ability to engage in these thing

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