How to Get Promoted at Work

personal development success work Jun 08, 2023

It's easy to feel stuck in a rut at work, and for many of us, getting promoted feels like an elusive dream. But the good news is that climbing the corporate ladder to success doesn't have to be a fantasy; with hard work and dedication, you can become the leader you've always wanted to be. This blog post will explore how to get promoted at work and make your dreams of career advancement a reality.

Boost your career growth by getting promoted.

A job promotion is one of the best things to happen in your career. Often, people associate promotion with pay raises and more benefits, but it also involves having more responsibilities and accountability since getting promoted usually involves moving to a leadership position. For somebody with a growth mindset, getting a promotion is more than a higher salary but also a challenge and a way to learn and do more and contribute more to the company's growth.

Not everybody has the chance to get a promotion. It is given to those who deserve it and ask for it. Companies can get picky about who they want to promote, which is pretty understandable since they are entrusting necessary functions of the company to grow to someone. If you feel like you are already an expert at your current job and are willing to step up, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting promoted and moving ahead with your career development goals.

1. Excel at your job and be consistent with your performance

The essential thing you can do first if you want a promotion is to be good at your present job, as in really good. It is not enough that you master the basics of your job; you have to be more than the average performance required for your work and maintain consistency in having a good rating for your work performance. Think of it like a talent show; if everybody knows how to sing, how can you get noticed by the judges to make it to the next round? You have to offer something unique or be exceptional with your talent, and the same thing works in your career. Your employers must notice something worthy in you, and your stellar job performance can help.

2. Be on good terms with the people in your workplace

Promotions usually involve moving up to leadership positions and being a leader means working with others and looking after them. It will help a lot if you are on good terms with your relationship with your coworkers. People will be more inclined to cooperate and follow you if they get along with you. While aiming to get promoted, it will be a good idea to polish your communication skills and socialize more with people. You can show this by being a good team player, attending company events, and interacting with other employees inside and outside work. Sometimes, your boss will consider the viewpoints of your coworkers to see if you are worthy of a promotion, so if your coworkers see you positively, it will significantly help you get promoted.

3. Hone your leadership skills

As we have mentioned before, most promotions involve taking a leadership role. While still working on your present job, it is possible to start learning new skills, including people management and project oversight. Leaders' work responsibilities involve looking more at the bigger picture of things and the company's long-term goals. Suppose you are hoping to get promoted someday. In that case, you can begin by looking beyond your current work and knowing why you are doing your job, how it affects others and your clients, how it factors in the larger picture of things, and the mechanisms behind all the work processes you and your coworkers do. You can start building relationships with the people around you and try stepping up beyond your work responsibilities to gain insight and do what a leader can do.

4. Do beyond what you are asked to do

You can have a higher chance for promotion if you get noticed more, and one thing that can help you with this is going beyond your current work duties. Some may think that rendering more overtime will help them get noticed; while this can work, more hours done for work won't necessarily equate to a promotion. You can try taking on new responsibilities by asking your supervisor if it is okay to do something else, such as taking on a new project or trying to do some of your boss's tasks. If a coworker is absent, maybe you can ask your boss if you can take some of their work and do it yourself. Showing interest in other matters related to your current work, such as its management and what happens after you finish your tasks, can signal to your boss that you have a growth mindset and are interested beyond your job's mechanical aspects. Taking the initiative to do things beyond your current responsibilities is one step that can take you further in your career.

5. Maintain a good work ethic

Every company has rules regarding what should and shouldn't be done at work and on the company premises. The rules encompass work procedures, safety measures, behavior, professionalism, conduct inside and outside the workplace, etc. If you desire to be promoted someday, being a good role model and following the company's rules will be in your best interests. Don't be late when coming to work, be polite to your coworkers and supervisors, submit your work on time, and follow standard operating procedures. If you can consistently maintain a strong work ethic, at minimum, you are securing a good spot as a candidate for promotion.

6. Have a significant amount of tenure

While the number of years working at a company is not always a criterion for promotion, some still consider tenure as one thing to consider someone for promotion. Some companies prefer to promote those that have worked in the company for a longer time, as they may be more familiar with them and think they have the experience and skill set for the job. While the length of service is not always an indicator of one's capability to handle a leadership position, it can still be an advantage if you work at a company for several years while having the experience, skills, and knowledge to take you to a higher position. Tenure can cause issues, such as preferring a tenured employee for promotion to a newer, more deserving, and talented employee. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have several years of service under your possession if you can, especially if your current company considers tenure as one criterion for promotion.

7. Learn about what can get you promoted

Knowing what can get you promoted may not always be clear, and it differs per company. If you can, try to learn what your company prefers for promotion as much as possible. They may have a list of job titles within the company, and each position has its own set of responsibilities. You can try asking if you can get a hold of such information. Also, you may ask a promoted employee, who may still be working with the company or not, what got them promoted. Lastly, asking your supervisor directly what you can do to get promoted would not hurt. Never ask for a promotion immediately, as you may sound rude and overstepping your bounds. Promotions are given to those who deserve it.

Prove that you deserve a job promotion.

Job promotions are not easily given, like candies to children. They are reserved for people who work hard, are willing to step up and have a growth mindset. While most people may only see promotions as a means for higher income, it involves more than that. There are additional responsibilities to be taken, and you are not just working for yourself anymore. You will usually have to cooperate and oversee other people, even from other departments in your company. You will play a more significant role in the overall picture of the company's work processes and goals. Companies are willing to promote if they see that someone is deserving of it, and the recipient of the promotion must also be willing and competent enough to shoulder the new role. Promotions come to those that can wait while continuously building their skills and knowledge, providing more value for the company, and asking for it when the time is right.

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