Beginner's Mind
Beginner’s Mind Is a Zen term for the idea that we are always beginners, because there is always more to learn. 

“Always the student, sometimes a teacher” – Mike Lee Kanarek


When we don’t let our ego get in the way there is always something for us to learn, especially as leaders. If you learn things with the mindset to give or teach it to others, you will learn it better. When you have a beginner’s mind, you are able to see new things about a familiar topic. 


1) It allows you to lead better with more knowledge.

2) You will be able to relate with others and their interests.

3) Sets the example for other people to go learn themselves.


True leadership is about learning things so that you can share your wisdom. True giving is learning things so you can give back. When you make yourself a better person through education, you are able to be a better leader. Lead by example and lead by learning.


Have a budget for learning

An important part of maintaining a beginner mind is investing in your education. Great leaders are always learning. Set aside a little bit of your monthly income to invest in continuing your education. 


Consistent daily effort 

Life is about the consistent things we do day in, day out that makes the difference. There are plenty of ways that to add value through education large or small. Even things that we think we already know much about can be refreshed. Once this skill of beginners mind is cultivated long enough it can become a habit that keeps us moving forward.


Get comfortable with sucking

Sometimes we don’t want to be the beginner, but we must allow ourselves to go through the potential awkwardness and embarrassment. Otherwise we get caught in that beginner stage and won’t progress forward in learning to become better at a subject.


Listen more than you talk

Coaching is not about telling, it’s about listening. Don’t let your ego get in the way and keep you a beginner. Look to find connection with others through your knowledge. True leadership is also about connecting with others.


Always be the beginner. 


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