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Benefit #1 LVL II Organizational and Focus Materials.

LVL II is about the Sacred 6.

Ever wished you could break free of the rat race and pursue what really matters to you?
JB Glossinger did just that, exchanging the golden handcuffs of corporate success for a three-hour workday and the freedom to golf, write, spend time with family, and guide others toward realizing their dreams. Now in The Sacred Six: A Simple, Step-by-Step Process for Focusing Your Attention and Recovering Your Dreams, JB offers readers the same simple but powerful tools he used to transform his own life.

Grounded in years of coaching groups and individuals, the Sacred Six process leads readers through identifying their mission, values, and goals, then designing an action plan with daily tasks to move them steadily toward their cherished dreams. Practical exercises organized around core Sacred Six principles like focus, clarity, consistency, and prioritization provide support for developing “keystone” positive habits, eliminating blocks to success, and making life-changing decisions from the perspective of the Observer—the true self—rather than the ego.

You will get a private Sacred 6 assessment that will be reviewed by JB Glossinger. ($297 Value)

Why is this important?

It is all about focus and organization. This LVL II will get you the plan that you need to get your life to the next level. This is an opportunity to have a structured game plan that you can work on daily to achieve your dreams.

Benefit #2 Weekly LVL II Video Homework

This is weekly homework to get you rolling! Every Monday you get a video email direct from JB discussing your homework for the week. This homework is specific to the LVL you are working on and will help you stay on track and focused on what you are looking to achieve.

Benefit #3 Access to LVL II Personal Finance Secret Group 

Every Friday you will get ideas and updates on getting your finances organized and in order. This secret group will allow you to finally take control of your finances and get ahead.

Benefit #4 Access to LVL II Secret Facebook Group 

Surround yourself with people who think like you ( average of the five people you spend the most time with) can help you achieve personal growth and that you can in-turn help them grow.

Benefit #5 Access to LVL II WhatsApp International Chat Group

Like the Secret Facebook Group, this is an amazing “Real-Time” connection with people around the world to help you achieve your dreams.

Benefit #6 Access to MorningCoach Courses

Intelligent Life Design 2017 ($2000 course)
M/M Mindfulness & Meditation For Busy Professionals ($997)
Wealth 101 ($297)
Freedom 101 ($297)
Motivation 101 ($297)
Sacred 6 Course ($297)

The value in Courses alone are => $4185.00

Benefit #7 You help us keep spreading this message to the world

Benefit #8 Opportunity to move up to LVL III Execution (For more information on the LVLs click here)

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