1. Know Your Goal as a Leader
  2. Be Around Other Great Leaders
  3. Evaluate Your Tribe: Drainer or Propeller?
  4. Learn to Avoid Desperation Mode
  5. Empower Yourself and Others
  6. Listen More
What is our goal as a Leader?

As a leader we want to have a positive impact on the world. Positive leadership invites people to connect with you and allows for growth. When we try to force things on others we end up just pushing them away and having no beneficial effects. Leaders bring people together and lead people forward.

How do we lead well?

Get yourself around other a-list leaders. Be around people who take action to become their highest potential. People who are working on their own projects and their own time line.

Drainer or Propeller?

Take notice of who might be a drainer or a propeller in your life. Drainers pull you down. Whether it is coworkers or customers, these energy vampires are cancers within. This goes against the classic ‘the customer is always right’. This ‘cancer’ eats away the leadership of the group. Focus on the propellers – the people who add to your environment and understand.

Desperation mode.

When you feel like you have to hold on to toxic people you are in desperation mode as a leader. Don’t care so much about what others think about you. This is counter to current culture but you do not need to most people to follow you, you need the right people and you will never be desperate.


You need the people who are already looking to build positive growth in their lives.  Then, focus on ways to empower them to reach their next level. To do this you have to be authentic and real. Working with people who want to work with you makes it easier to accomplish goals.  Avoid people who are never satisfied or just want attention on themselves. Drainers take away from moving forward. 

The pack is only as strong as its weakest link. Get rid of the ‘cancer’ in the group through communication and an open mind.

You find your tribe by being a true leader. By listening, being authentic, by making decisions, admitting mistakes, being true to yourself, communicating your rationale, then having an open mind to discuss viewpoints. Then make your own decisions and stand by them.

To be a great leader you must listen, and be a great student. Be a servant leader.

It’s time to get empowered, time to get responsible, time to take control of what we’re dealing with, so that we can focus on having the most positive impact that we can

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