After yesterday’s post: Are You Part Of The Problem Or The Solution. This morning after my meditation and settling in I started feeling my inner demons. Anger, jealousy, envy, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm.

As a warrior of light, there are days when you must face the darkness, today was one of those days. I knew what I had to do. Midsentence typing, I grabbed my shoes, my iPhone, and heart rate monitor and ran outside.

I turned Metallica’s Ride The Lighting up as loud as I could and took off sprinting, for the next 25 minutes or 3.3 miles my mind filled with darkness.

All the failures and dropouts in my early years of college and how many people I let down.

The friends I hurt and promises that I did not keep.

How many times I took for granted my parents, my wife, and all my friends.

I thought about the thousands of business mistakes and failures I made.

My human frailty and lack of ability to help more. Deeper into the darkness, isolated and alone, running. Just me, myself and I facing the many errors, failures, and let downs.

I faced my demons, on the run. Even the big ugly ones, just as the archangel Micheal drew up his sword against falling angels. I grabbed my sword; the sword of gratitude.

I began to think of all the great things in my life. You, my friends, my family, my clients, my wife. I thought of NEO and all my dogs (my angels) throughout my life, thanking God for all my scars because without them I wouldn’t be me.

I ran faster and let it go, my mind raced, and the peace came, and as I came to a stop after those miles, I felt a sense of joy, peace, and control.

Facing Inner Demons

We all have inner demons of different types. The key is to face them and understand them. There are many ways to take them on. Therapy is one, I choose physicality and training, and there are times you just need a coach, or to find your faith.

Don’t let them hold you down, don’t let them take your light. You can succeed in this battle.

Yes, I understand that it can get lonely. But, each and every one of us have our own battles to fight. We ALL have our demons to slay, and though we may think we walk alone. Know that we are together.

Just as in the parable of Footprints in the Sand. As a man walked alone with Jesus on the beach, he asked Jesus, “Why in the darkest of my days are there only one set of footprints? How could you leave me alone?” Jesus answered, “I didn’t leave you alone on those days I carried you.” We are all in this together.

On those dark days, we all need someone to help us fight our demons. We all have them. Some inner demons are worse than others, but together we can handle them.

It is in our darkest times it only takes a small light to bring back the peace.

Much love to you.


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