How To Focus | 5 Tips To Train Your Scatterbrain

How To Focus | 5 Tips To Train Your Scatterbrain Morning Coach

Do you ever feel like there’s an open window in your mind with a thrashing wind tearing through it, causing a mad flutter of papers across your brain? It’s become increasingly clear that due to the nature of  our modern society, more and more people need help with how to focus: how to focus with life in general, how to focus more on themselves (we’re talking self-love here!), how to focus more on things they want to do, how to focus on their goals, how to focus on a task, how to focus on their career, how to focus on their health and the list goes on and on.

But, if you ever feel scatterbrained or perhaps you live in scatterbrain mode, then you know how difficult it can be to focus on anything, no matter the area of your life. Do you cringe at just hearing the word ‘focus?  Being ‘scatterbrained’ is often just a symptom of an extremely hectic life where we are often overworked on top of over committing ourselves to different activities. Not only that, we are also incredibly inundated with information each and every day.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you lack the motivation to start on a project/ task that you really want to accomplish?
  • Are you paralyzed due not being able to decide where to start on a project because you want to do a hundred things at once — like this instant?
  • Do you often lack the motivation to stay with a task (no matter how small or simple) until it’s completed?
  • Do you become distracted easily? Does anything else seem more interesting than the task you are to complete?
  • Are there tasks that remain incomplete because you don’t have anyone putting pressure on you to complete it?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then you have a scattered brain. And, that’s okay because we can help you find some focus. Everyone experiences sporadic moments of being distracted or not being able to complete a goal/ task / project. And, there’s nothing wrong with that; we are all human beings.

However, when you are spending the majority of your day in scatterbrain mode, then it becomes a bigger problem where you can easily fall into a stressful trap of avoidance, or worse, becoming overwhelmed from trying to catch up and make up for lost time.

5 Tips On How To Focus

1. Have a Daily Game Plan & Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize. This is of upmost importance that you understand this: if you do not know what you want, it will be very hard for you to achieve anything. Before you start your day, know exactly what it is you want to accomplish. If your brain is in too much of fog, then pretend your day is over and ask yourself what you need to feel like you had a focused and productive day. Ask yourself what is most important that you do for this day only.

If you have not yet read JB’s Sacred 6 book, I suggest you do that first.  The Sacred Six process will help you identify your mission, values, and goals in life. You will then design an action plan with daily tasks to move you steadily toward your dreams. The Sacred 6 includes practical exercises organized around core Sacred Six principles like focus, clarity, consistency, and prioritization. And, it also provides support for developing “keystone” positive habits, eliminating blocks to success, and making life-changing decisions.

2. Dump Your Brain. A fantastic exercise to start out with if your brain is stuffed with a million different ideas, to-do’s, etc., then do a brain dump.  A brain dump is where you make a list of everything on your mind. Take a notepad and just start writing out everything you need to do or get, no matter what the issue is — get it all out of your head and onto paper.

Keep this notepad easily accessible to you over the course of 3 days and anytime you think “oh yeah, I’ve got to do that” write it on the pad.  Once you have dumped most of your brain onto paper, start categorizing items and then prioritize them. Once you have prioritized everything start working on your list.
How To Focus | 5 Tips To Train Your Scatterbrain Morning Coach3. Work In 50 Minute Chunks. Don’t be lured into working nonstop for hours on end. This only results in a bad burn out making it very hard to have enough motivation to start again. No matter the task, only work on it for a maximum of 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. You can stretch, move, meditate, read or whatever you feel like doing.

4. Do Things to Minimize Your Stress. Stress creates a very scattered brain. So, it’s vital that you explore different ways you can keep stress at a minimum. The two best natural remedies to stress are exercise and sleep. Your coping mechanism get extremely weak when you are tired. Make sure you are moving your body in some form or fashion every single day and make sure you are getting adequate sleep.

5. Mediate to Quiet Your Mind. If you want to have laser sharp focus, you need to learn how to meditate and do it. Meditation  is really easy to do, but not for someone whose mind is driving the Indy 5000. So, understand with meditation you don’t need to spend an hour and you don’t need to hold your body into some difficult pose. Start by wearing comfortable clothes and sitting upright in a comfy chair. Begin mediating a few minutes and move up to 15 – 20 minutes.

Do a search and pick a breathing or mantra meditation on YouTube. The most important thing is to train your brain to relax, and focus on one thing (the mantra or your breath). Meditation works best when it is the first thing you do each morning because your brain has yet to be overloaded from the constant daily chatter.

So, it’s time to stop living in scatterbrain mode and learn how to focus a bit. Your results will depend on where you choose to put your energy and focus. So, test out a few of the above tips and see what gives you the most effective results in the most satisfying manner. Once you gain some clarity and get going, there is no turning back. Things will get easier and easier because you have learned to harness more of your mental power.

We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Risky Business | Your Greatest Risk In Life Is Not Taking One

Risky Business | Your Greatest Risk In Life Is Not Taking One Morning Coach

To achieve anything great in life it is definitely necessary for you to take risks. Sound like risky business to you? Good! Because it is, but it’s worth your time and consideration that’s for sure.

Taking positive, calculated risks is one of the keys to achieving the life you have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, so many of us are way too scared to take that initial leap. As with any risk, there is always something at stake. In most cases, when it comes to your personal life and/or business, you might stand to lose money, time and/or your reputation. However, these are the very same things you could also stand to gain!

Learning to take risks definitely makes your life (and your career) so much more rewarding, which brings to mind one of my favorite quotes that says, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

Well, playing it safe 100% of the time is not what you were made for either. Below we have three huge benefits of taking positive, calculated risks in your life.

3 Benefits Of Taking Risks In Your Life

1. Empower Yourself: Want to know who the archenemy of risk is?  It’s fear.  And, at times we become so entangled in the fear of doing something we’d really like to do, but yet we are not quite willing enough to take a step forward to challenge or overcome that fear.  Taking positive calculated risks lessens that choke hold fear can have on us. Each time you take a risk you begin to feel less fear and more empowerment. Do you feel you are paralyzed by fear in some area of your life currently?. When you are able to take a step out — to take a risk and get into action instead of being paralyzed by fear, you will find life will unfold in so many amazing ways for you.Risky Business | Your Greatest Risk In Life Is Not Taking One Morning Coach

2. Get Ready To Say Hello To New Opportunities: It’s easy to view risk-taking as dangerous or not wise to do. And, yes, for sure some people have taken risks that definitely did not pay off. However, it’s critical that you understand many successful people have taken huge risks and they have paid off more than anyone could have imaged. Taking risks can open the door of opportunity for you. Begin to see taking a risk as a chance for you to succeed instead of a door leading to a failure. In my opinion, it’s always better to say “oops”, than for me to incessantly wonder “what if….”.

3. Experience Exceptional Personal Growth: Taking risks stretches and expands us and helps us grow as a person. Risk pulls us out of our comfort zone in order to do something different. We learn by life experience. And, risk-taking teaches us more about ourselves therefore giving us ground on which to improve. Think of how much more you have learned about yourself through your personal experience of trying some new and then failing at it. You learned a heck of a lot, didn’t you! Just remember that there are a lot of things you only learn by actually doing.

Challenge Yourself

As a species, we humans can’t help but love feeling comfy cozy. And, because of that we can begin to avoid challenging moments that would be great for our growth and get us out of our comfort zone. Maybe you aren’t saying no to things, but are you procrastinating and letting opportunity pass you by?

So, we feel most alive when we are doing something that we feel we were meant to do. We were not created to constantly stay the same. And, we thrive when we are expanding and developing.

Each and every one of us has greatness planted inside of them. If you challenge yourself enough your greatness will sprout out.  Don’t let your attitude about taking risks stop you from your greatness.

Improve Your Morning Routine In 2018 With These 3 Tech Hacks

Improve Your Morning Routine In 2018 With These 3 Tech Hacks Morning Coach

Ready to improve your morning routine for 2018?  I know I am because I am always looking for ways to better my morning routine. My morning routine is constantly evolving and changing, and that’s okay because I am also evolving and changing just like you are.

So, we’ve got 3 easy ways that technology can aid in your in your quest to improve your morning routine. I used the areas of personal development, meditation and exercise because those 3 things definitely need to be included into your morning routine.

1. Personal Development / Growth

You are responsible for protecting your mental kingdom. And, from personal experience the best time to do this is first thing in the morning. Go ahead and eat, exercise, shower, etc. Just don’t wait until 3:00 pm in the afternoon before filling your mind with positive things; too much will have already happened. To be fully on top of your days it is best to nourish your mind sometime close to after you wake up. Just know this — the sooner the better.

Being able to find different ways of building happiness and feeling more positive emotions in yourself is a critical part of your coping skills that will affect all aspects of your life. And, it’s super easy in this day and age to find excellent high fiber brain content that we can feed our minds with.

Of course my obvious first choice would be: MorningCoach.  You must be listening to MorningCoach otherwise you wouldn’t be here right?!  MorningCoach is a fantastic way to start your day off on the right mental foot.  Along with JB providing you daily coaching, tips, hacks, encouragement and support, we also aim to afford you the chance at having 15 minutes of a momentary decrease in stress and a hopefully get a few smiles from you!

2. Meditation Apps For Your Smartphone

Being able to calm your mind is really a superpower.  Calming your mind is not only about switching it on and off  from the hustle and bustle of life. Once you are mediating consistently, it will also change the way you see the world and helps to unlock your true potential. There are numerous benefits you can receive from meditating and having a mindfulness practice.

Stop, Breath & Think is a great one if you are new to the mindfulness and meditation world. And, so is Calm.

Headspace is mediation made simple. Buddhify is another one you might want to also check out. All four apps mentioned here are available on IOS and Android. And, I know there are many, many, MorningCoach members that meditate, so if you have a personal favorite please let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to know what has helped you.

Improve Your Morning Routine In 2018 With These 3 Tech Hacks Morning Coach

3. Exercise Apps

Life is all about motion; it’s constantly moving — and so must you!  A lot of people (including myself!) are not able to hit the gym every morning, so it’s vital that you find easy alternatives that you can do.

For instance, I am currently learning the ancient practice of Qigong — and for free!  It’s similar to Tai Chi in that it has very slow flowing moments incorporated with deep breathing. I found numerous educational videos on my Amazon Prime Video account and I do this on days I can not make it outdoors for a walk.

Here are some apps (for IOS and Android) for you to check out:

Sworkit: they have guided workout plans for any level including cardio, yoga and strength training.

Couch to 5K:  this is a training program that has helped thousands of beginning runners move from the couch to the 5K finish line. WOOHOO!!

CARROT Fit (taken from their website) is a sadistic AI construct with one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race. She will do whatever it takes – including threatening, inspiring, ridiculing, and bribing you – to make this happen. CARROT kicks off the epic journey towards a healthier you with her Weight Tracker and her 7 Minutes in Hell Workout. These are just the first of many planned “fitness modules.” Others, such as Deathmarch 5K, are coming soon. (This one is only available on IOS right now.)

If you are fairly active already, then you might want to check out Strava.

Either way you go about it, make sure you improve your morning routine for 2018.  How you start your day has so much to do with how you feel and how your day goes.

So, how are you going to improve your morning routine for the upcoming year?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Device Free Dinners | A Great Holiday Family Challenge

Device Free Dinners | A Great Holiday Family Challenge

It’s holiday season! And the best part about the holiday season (in my own personal opinion) is that means our beloved friends and family from all over get to come over to our house. And, with so many relatives and buddies that you haven’t seen or spent much time with coming over for the holidays, this makes for a great time to implement device free dinners into your holiday plan.

I usually have family or friends over on the weekends, and we will all sit around and chat in the big living room. And, what amazes me is after a few minutes of great conversation somehow next thing I know, I am looking up from my own phone only to see everyone else’s heads down hypnotically gazing down into their phones. It all starts so innocently: someone asks a question and we turn to Google for the answer and then bam — we are all sucked into our own phones, haha.

Test Out Device Free Dinners At Your Place

So, this holiday season dare to really connect with your friends and family. When it comes to meal time, as everyone is seating themselves just pass a basket around the table asking everyone to place their phone inside.  Then, place the basket in a bedroom with the door shut or put it in a closet.  You just do not want to be able to hear any notifications go off.

And I know it’s so easy to be distracted by our devices, so this year make a plan to put up the devices for a short bit and spend some true face to face time with your loved ones .

This holiday season make it your own tradition to have device free dinners and really make the most of your family time. Remember, nothing replaces face-to-face time with the ones we love. And, try out a few device free dinners. You’ll thanks us we know!

And, you sure don’t want to end up like Will Ferrell here in this video.

Are you already using device free dinners at your home? How did it go? Either way let us know what you think below!

Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids | Get Your Scare On!

Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids | Get Your Scare On!

Halloween is such a fun holiday, but if you have little ones, you know all about the crazed-madman sugar overload that seems to follow behind Halloween. It’s not that much fun when your kids have been so loaded up with sugar that they don’t sleep at night. Because, then guess who’s really feeling like the Night of the Living Dead?! However, not all halloween treats don’t have to be overloaded with sugar. Take a look at all of these creative twists on our top 5 best healthy halloween treats for kids. Your little’s are going to LOVE making these as well as tasting these!

5 Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids

1. Halloween Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip & Spooky Fruit Snacks

1 Large Container Greek Yogurt (unsweetened)
1/4 Cup of Nutella
2 Clementines
Pretzel Sticks
3 Bananas
1 Red Apple
Green Grapes
Mini & Mallobits Marshmallows
Peanut Butter
Black Edible Marker

Click here to see the photos and full details on directions on how to make these fabulous Halloween treat.

2. Veggie Skeleton

Veggie dip
Celery sticks
Baby carrots
Mushrooms (sliced)
Cucumbers – cut into rounds
Pea pods
A few lettuce leaves
Pimiento olives
Red bell pepper

This Halloween treat idea is the perfect way to get your little ones excited about eating their veggies — no bones about it! And, they will thoroughly enjoy helping to create the skeleton.

Directions: Scoop veggie dip into a small bowl and place at the top of a long platter. Begin to build the skeleton by arranging veggies: a celery stick for the neck, baby carrots for the arms, mushrooms for the hands, cucumbers for the spine, red pepper slices as the ribs, mushrooms for the hips, celery for the legs, and pea pods for the feet. Give your skeleton hair with lettuce leaves, eyes with olives, and a mouth with a sliver of red pepper. Click here to see complete instructions with photos. 

3. Strawberry Ghosts
From: Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik

1 (16 oz) package Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating
24 Fresh strawberries
Mini chocolate chips

These are the cutest strawberry ghosts and are super easy to make — perfect for Halloween!

Directions: Melt Candiquik in tray according to directions on package. Place a large piece of wax or parchment paper on a flat surface. Dip strawberries in melted Candiquik Coating, remove and allow the excess coating to pour off onto the wax paper to form the “tail” of the ghost; slide the strawberry back and set on wax paper to dry. Before coating has set, place two mini chocolate chips on as the eyes. For the mouth, cut off the tip of a mini chocolate chip and place on the strawberry with the bottom side facing up. Click here for photos and the complete instructions. 

Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids | Get Your Scare On!

4. Frozen “Boo”-Nana Pops

1 medium banana
1 cup good quality white chocolate*
8 mini chocolate chips for eyes
4 popsicle sticks

This is a super fun project to make with the kids and who doesn’t like chocolate?!

Directions: Cut banana in half lengthwise, then in half to make four quarters. Next, insert popsicle sticks into bananas, and freeze bananas on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. When the bananas are frozen, fill a coffee mug with chocolate. Melt chocolate in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring until the chocolate is melted and soft. Dip the bananas one at a time into the chocolate, scraping off the excess chocolate from the back of the banana, and place it on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Quickly add the chocolate chips for the eyes before the chocolate hardens (you have to work quickly here). Return to the freezer until frozen and ready to eat. Eat frozen. (Makes 4 servings.)

Click here for photos and for the full directions.

5. Babybel Cheese Eyeballs

Mini Babybel cheese
Black olives
Red gel food coloring (find this in the cake decorating aisle at Walmart and many grocery stores)
Fine tip paint brush to apply the gel

You can use a toothpick to apply the food coloring — it just doesn’t seem to work as well as the paint brush. And, if you’re not a ketchup fan, consider leaving the center of the olives empty. It will make for less mess, too!

To view the pictures and for the complete set of directions click here.

So, there are literally hundreds of  great ideas out there for some healthy Halloween treats for kids. And, have you made any of these yet? If not, which ones will you make this Halloween? We’d love to hear what you think and how your little ones like these, so let us know below! Happy (and Healthy!) Halloween!