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Upcoming Speaking Events

May 2-3, 2017 Amazon Sellers Lab Keynote - at the Atlanta Tech Village in Atlanta, Georgia

July 8-11, 2017 Influence National Speakers Association CSP/CPAE Only Presentation - Orlando, Florida (More Information)

July 30 - Aug 1 2017 Affiliate Summit East Keynote Daily Content Master - New York City, New York
(Ticket Information Affiliate Summit East 2017)

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Upcoming MorningCoach & JB Glossinger Events

Sacred 6 Retreat (Dates Coming Soon)

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Upcoming Meet Ups/Book Signings

July 29, 2017 New York, New York (Location coming soon)
July 8, 2017 Orlando, Florida (Location coming soon)

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"JB is an outstanding speaker, businessperson and human being! His messages communicate hope and opportunity. He backs up what he says with sound, grounded knowledge of business (MBA) and a PhD where he learned about how human beings can achieve their potential. He is a person you want to listen to and learn from. Your life will be better after you've had a chance to experience JB Glossinger!"

Terry Brock

CEO & President, Achievement Systems, Inc.

"I was and attendee at the Ice Retailer Conference in Atlanta and enjoyed JB Glossinger's presentation. He was very entertaining and down to earth. I could relate to him. What I took most out of his presentation was that in any business, success is a process which takes time and it never really goes how you plan it. Obviously, by keeping at his passion, he is able to help others achieve theirs as well."

Kat Goduco

Proprietor + Photographer, Kat Goduco Photography + Concepts

"JB Glossinger from the MorningCoach is a winning choice for starting off any event. His message is universally good, filling the audience with positive energy, excitement and encouragement. Your attendees will thank you for scheduling JB and the early morning gift he brings to the stage.

JB kicked off our eCommerce conference with the topic of fail forward fast, it was the perfect message for our audience and set the pace for a positive and productive day. The audience was engage with the message, they could easily relate to his "real person" approach and the stories were perfect to encourage the audience members to learn, grow and move forward through success and failures."

Brandon Dupsky

Co-Founder, Internet Commerce Entrepreneurs, LLC

"JB has a unique gift -- he is universally well-liked. This translates to his presentations to large groups, And, this relationship with his audience creates a bond and a trust that allows his message to connect and motivate people to take action."

Jay Berkowitz

Founder and CEO, Ten Golden Rules

Past JB Glossinger Speaking

ADM Live! Advanced Digital Marketing Conference
Business Journal
Fast Tech Awards
Fallen Community Health
Federal Express
Ice Retailer Convention
Blog World
National Speakers Association Annual Convention
High Point University

JB Glossinger's Personal and MorningCoach.com Past Events

Lifestyle Design Summit 2014, 2015, 2016
Awaken My Life Summit 2014, 2015, 2016
Intelligent Life Design 2013
Passions to Profits 2012
JB Glossinger's Private Retreats 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Viral Marketing Expo 2007, 2008