The Sacred 6 Process

The Sacred Six process is about more than getting things done," JB emphasizes. "It's about your life story - your journey and your purpose."


The Sacred 6 Process Journal is here!

This journal works hand in hand with the Sacred 6 Process book.

This journal has a ring binder so it lies flat, and also is with high quality paper so you can draw, use colored ink, etc… and it won’t bleed through.

It has all the elements of the process, and makes keeping your dreams and your focus organized in one place.

To get your journal set up for auto ship, lock the automatic shipment every 1/4 using the second button.

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He is the Bruce Springsteen of motivational speakers. Rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business. Delivering with tremendous energy, while systematically taking you through the journey to a more productive, peaceful, secure and abundant life. Guiding his tribe at MorningCoach for years and now expanding his reach with the book “The Sacred Six” published by Hay House. The new boss showed up ready to work, and his name is JB Glossinger.

Matt Kramer

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The Sacred 6 program offers a direct path to see what’s important in your life. It then helps you define clear goals so you put your energy into getting the life you want. In a nutshell, it’s designed to align the real you with your calling. Thanks JB for giving the world a tested blueprint so the world can live the life they were intended.

James Ashcroft