Coaching with JB Glossinger

One-on-One with JB

I want to thank you for taking time to explore the option of working with me in a private one-on-one environment. I have helped hundreds of people around the world and can help you too if we are a fit.

Most of my private clients don’t “need” me, they have already achieved a level of success. What they are looking for is a way to work with one of the top coaches in the world to get them to next level.  With my background (MBA and PhD in Metaphysics) we hit all areas of life, family, relationships, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, spirituality, sex, love, career, business and many other areas.

I have worked with Actors & Actresses, Professional Athletes, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Podcasters, Bankers, Wall Street Executives, Moms, Coaches, Authors, Defense Contractors, HR Managers, Students & Retirees, and many other professions. I am truly a life coach for the people.

I am the pioneer of the Sacred 6 Process that will help get focused, and have the structure and accountability you need. The number one thing my clients tell me is that they feel more fulfillment in life, and always have more energy after our sessions.

Every situation is different and the only way to know if I can help you get to the next level is to have a quick evaluation. I have put a button below for you to fill out my private coaching application. Once that is done I will review and schedule a 15 minute conversation with you.

I have coached people all over the world and currently have clients in 7 countries. Your location is not an issue working with me.

I look forward to speaking, and helping you live the best life possible with more peace, love, joy and happiness.

What does it cost?

One-on-One Coaching pricing is based on your individual situation. Every situation is unique and every One-on-One program is designed for your individually.


Group Coaching with JB

What would it be like to have a group of like minded people around you to help you every step of the way? What if you had a group of people to help you throughout the week to stay accountable and help you reach your goals? It would rock and I have the answer for you. It is JB Glossinger’s group coaching.

Currently this is a great time to get in because this group coaching is with JB!

 A few areas we will be working on:

  • Crush limiting beliefs and disempowering patterns
  • Experience more Freedom
  • Create health and vitality physically and mentally
  • Learn to create deep connection and fulfilling relationships
  • Take on your finances, shed debt and begin creating wealth
  • Take your existing career or business to the next level
  • Create a life you love.

How does it work?

One day a week we get together in our private coaching room. This room is where we meet together to discuss the issue of the week. Once that has been covered we then move into Q&A time. This is where you get some time to ask questions that you are working on.

Then during the week if you need additional support or accountability we use our private Facebook group where you can post updates, ask for help, or just stop by to see what are the latest updates to stay motivated.

This is a great way to get access to me, have fun working with a great group of people, and transform your life to what you are looking for.

Group Coaching is done on a application basis. Please fill out the coaching application request to set up a call to discus if it is a good fit for you.



Always remember: "Your commitment to anything, is directly related to the financial commitment you make."

“JB Glossinger is the truth! Brilliant, substantive and empowering. If you or your team get a chance to work with JB, jump at it.”

Randy Gage

Author of New York Time Best Sellers: Risky Is The New Safe and Mad Genius

“I have had the chance to work with JB Glossinger on personal and business situations. What I’ve learned is PRICELESS! JB is the next Jim ROHN! I would say he is the David Copperfield of the Speaking & Coaching business.”

Frankie SFEZ

Business Development Manager, Weborma Group

“Three words describe JB – trustworthy, committed, and passionate. What I admire most about him is his ability to accomplish so much in a day, and still nurture and maintain relationships. JB truly practices what he preaches and I’m proud to have him as one of my wingmen.”

Lt Col Rob “Waldo Waldman”

New York Times Best Selling Author: Never Fly Solo

Do you want to be a coach?

Have you ever thought to yourself “ I would love to be a coach but I don’t have the training?”

Are you the type of person who has a burning desire to contribute and make a difference for others?

Do you believe that personal development/improvement is a critical element to creating a fulfilling life?

Would you like to be able to work part or full time from any location?

If this sounds like you, then consider a career in coaching. MorningCoach is offering an intensive year long coaching program for people who are ready to step into leadership roles and make a difference for our world starting right in their own communities. Together we can make the world a better place!

As a result of this year long course you will possess the skills needed to:

  • Discern what is driving your client’s thinking and behavior
  • Identify limiting and disempowering beliefs
  • Guide a client through distinguishing their standards and values
  • Help your client create clarity about what they truly desire and map out plan of action to achieve their goals.