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I Hate My Job!
Luis Rosario

I can imagine the pain of having to wake up with only a few hours of sleep, and get ready for a job that you hate. I know because I’ve been there. I came across a neighbor of mine yesterday who suddenly broke down on me and vented about how mistreated she has been at [… read more ]

How Do You Talk To Yourself?
Traci Vincent

One thing I’ve noticed that really impacts my day, for the better or the worse, is how I talk to myself. No, I’m not saying I talk out loud to myself, but rather referring to that inner voice or inner critic that can certainly work overtime sometimes in my life. Maybe, you have dealt with [… read more ]

Getting Clear

via:     It was a busy weekend. Holiday weekends typically are, but this one was different. No errands to run, no parties to attend, no friends to visit. My plans were different. I was supposed to stay home and focus on my studies, my ILD building, and GSD (Getting Stuff Done). Instead, I [… read more ]

Hitting Your Personal Development Reset Button
Luis Rosario

  Every now and then you find yourself at a crossroads in your personal development. Things seem to be moving forward perfectly fine, and your motivation is at an all-time high. Then, all of a sudden you reach a point where you fall off the path, your motivation tank is sputtering on empty, and you [… read more ]

The Choice is in the Action

There are those of us who choose to focus on self-awareness, expansion, personal growth. Call it what you will. We read books, attend seminars, webinars, get coaches, mentors, and accountability partners. We grow, we expand, we move the needle. We work to become a ‘better version of ourselves.’ We do this in ways too numerous [… read more ]

Let a kid be your guide to happiness!

My six-year-old daughter took the time this weekend to help me de-stress, and she did it simply by being herself. Case number one:  I needed to run down to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things and asked her if she’d like to come.  She did, and as we were heading out [… read more ]

Why Patience is (Seriously) a Virtue

As a recent college graduate, I’m not thrilled to be working a minimum wage job as a cashier at Super Stop and Shop. However, as a Morning Coach member, I strive to gain something of value from each and every experience I encounter. So here I am, sharing with you the gems of perspective I [… read more ]

Using the Negative to Fire Up Your Positive

We’ve all heard J.B. talk about how something like losing a job can be the impetus we need to make the changes we want in our lives.  There is so much truth to that.  The shock of a major loss like that can really make us realize just how much we can do and, even [… read more ]


I was vacationing in the Caribbean and wanted to buy a T-Shirt as a souvenir. The T-shirt I found, on the front had the logo from the beach bar we were visiting. The back of the T-shirt had this saying: “Dream, Believe, Achieve.” I thought, what a powerful statement on the back of a T-shirt. [… read more ]

Go Ahead. Throw Yourself.
JB Glossinger

After a blog I wrote last week, I questioned my own self as to if I felt “trapped” in any area of my life presently.   I was not quite prepared as to how I really felt. The answer was:  Yes. I did. (Gasps)  Oh.Dear.Lord. Pandora’s Box might as well have opened in my head.  WHERE were these [… read more ]

3 Simple Tips To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays
JB Glossinger

Every year people have issues with overeating during the holidays. Today I challenge you to beat that issue. I am going to give you three tips that will help you meet this challenge. 1. Make every meal a spiritual meal I think this is the most important thing you can do not only during holidays, [… read more ]

Can Food Detoxes CAUSE Addiction?

It seems like every time we turn around we’re flooded with new information on diets and foods. I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and it was kind of exhausting. There’s books on paleo diets, low carb, no carb, south beach, detoxes, juicing, smoothie diets, Diabetes diets, cleanses, clean eating cookbooks, whole food [… read more ]

The Battle Between the Egg White Vs. the Yolk

This afternoon, I returned from a 6-mile run on a beautiful nature trail here in Northern California, and decided to make some lunch. I needed something quick and easy, yet satisfying, since I was completely famished. So naturally, I opened the fridge and the first thing that stared back at me was a carton of [… read more ]

Taking Care of Joint Cartilage

For over 26 years I’ve been working with clients who suffer with joint pain often times due to the loss of cartilage that lines their joints. Cartilage is the flexible connective tissue found in many parts of the body, including the joints between bones, the rib cage, the ear, the nose, the bronchial tubes and [… read more ]

Understanding the Stress Response

I’ve really been enjoying Dr. Hawkins’ book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender this past month, and I wanted to add to some of the stuff Dr. Hawkins (and JB) have talked about in the book about the effects of stress on the body.   And whoa…to say they are numerous is an understatement. I think my [… read more ]

Forgive Yourself
Traci Vincent

I can say without a doubt that forgiving myself has been one of the toughest and  also one of the most liberating experiences I have had  thus far in life. I grew up attending church and learning the Lord’s Prayer….”forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” and understanding the importance and purpose of [… read more ]

Wisdom From Within
Traci Vincent

Some of the most costly mistakes I’ve ever made both financially and personally occurred when I did not trust and follow that inner voice of wisdom inside me. I’ve often wondered why we are equipped with that feeling, why some people listen to that voice more than others and how to better develop it. The [… read more ]

Let Your Light Shine
Traci Vincent

Light and darkness have very opposing characteristics. If you are in darkness, you may not truly notice the extent and vast nature of darkness until light is introduced thereby altering and changing everything you know about darkness. I recently read a familiar passage from the Bible in Matthew 5:15-16 that talks about the impact of [… read more ]

Depth of Joy!
Debra Moser

Like so many people today, I once was lost in a mental state of victim-hood.  I lived with a heavy heart and was immersed in negative feelings which manifested quite frankly into alot of illnesses. Many of those illnesses were a direct reflection of my inner struggle and it was made true in my outer world.  Wayne [… read more ]

Unwrap Christmas
Traci Vincent

Many people around the world are busy preparing for Christmas and it seems like it’s easy to get lost in the frenzy of decorations, Santa Claus, gift buying and holiday parties. We spend a lot of time and money wrapping each gift with fancy paper, ribbons and bows to give to friends and loved ones. We [… read more ]