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“JB Glossinger is my hero! I am so beyond grateful for MorningCoach! I listen every day and I am always so uplifted, inspired, motivated and able to become one percent better, if not 100% better, every day due to his influence in my life! I know I would not be where I am today and where I know I will be in the future (at the Academy Awards ) without JB and the support of the MorningCoach community!”

Rachel Brooke Smith

Actress/Producer/Speaker, Rachel Brooke Smith

“Aside from his incredible amount of both practical and metaphysical knowledge, the most appealing quality about JB is that he is genuine. He makes mistakes like everyone else, but he will always own up to those mistakes, which just adds to his credibility. He is incredibly driven, motivating and posses a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial experience and knowledge, which he loves to share with his community. As a one-on-one coaching client, I have no doubt that JB truly has my and other member’s best interests in mind and genuinely wants to see us all achieve success and happiness in our lives.”

Anthony Barr


“No matter where I go or what I am doing, I need my daily jolt of MorningCoach! JB Glossinger is the TRUTH and we all can use more of that. He is a great mentor and friend whom I respect.”

John Lawson

CEO, 3rd Power LLC and ColderICE Media