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In a world full of constant distraction and negativity, it can be hard to stay positive and motivated. The MorningCoach program delivers a daily audio CoachCast that’s geared to protect your mind from the negative and fuel your motivation to start your day right.


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Well..It Started in 2008 when I started listening to the podcasts and just kept loving the positive energy. I used the old dream board on the website. I would look at it every morning and listen to the coach cast. The things I put on the dream board were starting to happen. I then when went to New Zealand and had some tough times. I would listen to MC and things were relating me as I listen to it. After that I followed my heart and dreams and now I am living them every day. I have been living abroad for just over 2 years now.The money comes as it comes..But money to me is not important. Happiness is important and have J.B and the amazing family at MC for the support.. I remember to ALWAYS TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP..

- Michael


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You need to take control of your state, and if you think you’re going to do it just by today…you’re wrong. You’re going to need to get yourself some rituals, everyone is controlled by rituals. Every morning you get up. Your life comes from rituals, if you don’t develop your rituals you’re kidding yourself. Tony Robbins

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